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Vine Librarian and Principal

Denise Rodriguez has been a librarian at Vine for 30 years.  During that time many students have crossed her path and we have all learned that a library is many things. Each year Mrs. Rodriguez has different displays to promote different books.  When a holiday is approaching, you can stumble across a spectacular display connecting those stories.  These displays may seem “cute” but they are windows to the soul of a book.  They make an instant connection between what is to come and what is possible.  If we are lucky, Mrs. Rodriguez will often add a personal touch to the display with hand made art.  During check out, Mrs. Rodriguez guides the reader and always displays an excitement for reading.  Despite technological changes, the storybook remains the supreme in our library.  Mrs. Rodriguez manages the school collection by learning about new books and when funds are available, adding them to our book library. The library is a fun and useful place to learn. “I try and make the library very friendly and enjoy the smiles on student faces”.

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Q & A with Mrs. Rodriguez

Q- How long have you been working at Vine? 

A - “I have been working at Vine School for 30 years and loved every minute of it!”


Q - Why do you create such interesting book displays in the library?

 A - “I like to make reading fun by providing our students a welcoming environment each time they visit.”


Q - What is your favorite book?

A-  “I have many.  One that comes to mind is THE GIVER by Lois Lowry.  I enjoy reading picture books by Chris Van Allsburg.  His illustrations are amazing.”


Q - Do you prefer a printed book or would you rather read a digital book?

A- “I prefer reading a printed book. I like the idea of picking up a book, turning the pages and knowing just how many pages I have left before the end!”

Vine's librarian


Vine Librarian and Principal