Principal's Message


Dear Vine Elementary School Community,

Welcome to Vine School- "Where Eagles Soar to Success"!

At Vine, we have embraced the challenge to aim high and to be present, motivated and hard-working each and every day. Our teachers and staff are committed to upholding our mission as summed up in these five core ideas:

Safety- We have established and will maintain a safe and positive school environment; 

Instruction- We will ensure that our teaching and classroom experiences are data driven and student-centered, interventions and enrichment opportunities are used consistently, and students are empowered to reason and apply the concepts they have learned;

-Strong Character and School Pride- We will introduce a code of conduct and good character that is essential in the elementary classroom and beyond and celebrate each other's successes and the positive strides we make as a school;

-Collaboration - We will facilitate opportunities for our students (and engage in opportunities ourselves as teachers) to work together, learn from each other, and contribute to a task or discussion through purposeful interaction;

Positive Futures- We vow to provide our students with the best educational experience and the essential skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in middle, high school, and beyond. We will incorporate the message that students at Vine are college-bound.

Vine Elementary has been dedicated to serving the students and families of West Covina for 60 years. It is our goal to continue the great work that was started many years ago. 

We remain committed to maintaining a clear line of communication between school and home. You are encouraged to use this website along with the other resources and modes of communication between home and school.  If you haven't begun making this a habit, please take the time to visit our school calendar online, read our monthly "newsflash", and listen to the phone blasts that are sent home. 

I personally wish to thank you for your ongoing support of our school. We look forward to partnering with you this year and pledge to uphold the high standard of excellence that Vine has so proudly demonstrated for the past 6 decades! 

It's going to be an incredible year of learning for every student at Vine. I am excited to see our students as they grow academically, socially, and emotionally. I am confident that you will see as we have year after year how Vine Eagles really do soar with success!



Mrs. Valarie Jaramillo