Is breakfast service available?

Breakfast is served from 7:50 AM - 8:20 AM and the cost is $1.00.  Breakfast is served Monday - Friday.

Is there an early release day?

Vine has an early release day every Wednesday. TK & Kinder schedule is from  8:33 AM -1:33 PM.  Grades 1-5 schedule is from 8:35 AM -1:43 PM.

Is there after-school child care available?

There is a City run child care service located on Vine's campus.  The contact number is 626-919-7807.

Is bus service available in my neighborhood?

WCUSD provides daily bus service as a privilege for students who live too far from their school to walk.

For information about specific routes, please visit our transportation page. 

What will happen if my child becomes ill while at school?

If a student becomes ill, we will attempt to notify a parent or guardian promptly, and we will care for the student in our nurse’s station until a parent or guardian arrives. Students may not leave school grounds without either a parent or another approved adult (as listed on the student’s information form). If the situation is a medical emergency, we will follow standard emergency procedures.